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Wildcard Art

Wildcard Art is the name of Daryl’s studio art business.

Based far north Queensland Australia, the studio produces and markets a range of beautiful small product including prints and cards from Daryl’s original wildlife paintings.

All artwork prints on both paper and canvas are hand produced in high quality prints in her studio, ensuring attention to detail, colour balance and quality.

Greeting Cards and gift cards are the only item that she does not print in house and they are printed in Cairns, Australia.


Daryl is a multi award winning artist. Her passion for Australian wildlife is evident in her artwork which depicts, in delicately fine detail, the beauty and uniqueness of Australia’s flora and fauna.

Sharing her time between art and wildlife rehabilitation and conservation, she has spent much of the last two decades working with one of Australia’s most endangered  animals, the mahogany glider. The conservation of this beautiful, threatened gliding possum and its limited remaining woodland habitat in tropical north Queensland is the inspiration for her art and life.